How to Fix a hole in the wall Fast!

Drywall is strong and sturdy, but one swift punch or nudge and you have a large, gaping hole. How to fix drywall fast is actually a very common home improvement question, and there are a number of ways to go about it. Learning right away how to fix the holes and keeping the necessary supplies on hand will help you be able to keep your home in tip top shape at all times.

Fix a hole in the wall fast

First, you will need some supplies. A standard size sheet of drywall measures about 4′ x 8′, but it can easily be trimmed to the size you need to plug your hole. Usually, a 2′ x 2′ section is more than enough to fill a small hole. If you save your leftover pieces, they can be used again the next time you have a hole in the wall. Mesh tape will then cover the drywall, making the area flat. Last, you will use a setting compound, such as hot mud, to dry and smooth the area, keeping it intact. You can usually get all you need from one kit. This Dap 12345 Drydex Spackle Review shows one of the more popular kits that you can get at a hardware store or on Amazon.

Another quick fix option is to use expanding foam to fill the hole. This will leave an uneven surface, so once it dries, you will need to spend some time evening it out with a steak knife. After that, you can prime and paint, making your wall as good as new.

If you are in a real hurry, there are two fast, temporary fixes you can use so that the hole doesn’t get any bigger and you house still looks intact.

The first is duct tape. Duct tape is now manufactured in a number of different colors so it can easily match a solid color wall. Clear packing tape is an alternative, but duct tape tends to hold a lot longer in comparison. Neither one is a permanent fix, and eventually, you will have to patch the hole.

If you are really in a hurry, for instance, if you have guests arriving soon, you can move a picture or poster so that it covers the wall.

The Best Diaper Pail for Cloth Diapers

It can be a big decision deciding to use cloth diapers instead of one of the disposable brands, and while cloth diapers might be better for the environment there is still the problem of smells. To help combat the problem of smelly, soiled diapers parents rely on one of the many diaper pails that are available on the market. If you have no way to get to a diaper pail because you are away from home, then it would be a good idea to go to Diaper Bag Reviews and pick out a good quality diaper bag that you can store the soiled cloth diaper in.

With all of the choices, it can be difficult to find a diaper pail that really works. To help narrow the choices, here are a few things to look for to help find the best diaper pail for cloth diapers.

The Best Diaper Pails

The best diaper pails will have several things in common to help them effectively lock in strong odors and bad smells including,

* The container should be constructed of either a high quality plastic or metal. These materials are less likely to absorb odors than the cheaper plastic pails.

* A step pedal should also be attached to the base of the pail. This not only makes it easier to dispose of the soiled diaper, but it is also safer and more sanity for the infant since your hands are able to stay clean and on the baby at all times.

* A lid that securely closes to not only keep odors in, but also curious toddlers and animals out.

Most cloth diaper pails have a washable bag lining the inside of the container, but it is also recommended to invest in a container that also has a removable and water resistant bucket inside. Even the best diaper bags can occasionally leak, and it is easier to simply rinse out the removable bucket, instead of cleaning the entire diaper pail.

Other Features to Consider

The size of the cloth diaper pail is something else to take into consideration. Cloth diapers are bulkier than the disposable diapers, and take up an astonishing amount of room. Most parents have learned that if the container can hold a week’s worth of disposable diapers, then it is probably only large enough to hold 2 days worth of cloth diapers. For some parents this is not a problem, as they have planned on washing often, but others may want to consider a larger size.

Voted Best by Online Mothers

One of the best cloth diaper pails is the Diaper Dekor Plus. Named a favorite by online mothers, this cloth diaper pail has all of the features that parents are looking for, including the size. The pail not only shuts firmly and securely, it easily holds two days worth of soiled diapers. What really got this diaper pail noticed though, is its strong and durable design. Many parents have remarked on the ability to easily turn the diaper pail into a modern and fully functioning trash can after the baby has grown.

Type of Grass that Grows in the Shade

Choosing the right grass to grow in the shade is a important topic to understand because wasting all the time and money on planting grass that won’t grow where you want it could set you back, not only in your wallet, but the time it will take to get a good grass rooted in your particular area.  Click here for some awesome tips and reviews on some good fertilizer spreaders to help you get a full and healthy lawn, regardless of the amount of sunlight.

grass best for shaded areas

There a few main styles of grass that we’ll cover in this article to help you decide which grass to grow in your shaded area.

What Types Of Grass Grow Better In Shade?

Choosing a particular grass seed over another will mainly depend on how much light your area receives. One grass seed might be better for partial sunlight and another might be better for an area in the shade all day long.

The best cool-season grass that does well in shady areas but does need some sunlight are from the fescue family. The fescue family of grass needs at least 4 hour minimum sunlight each day and is a perfect choice for a good all around shade grass. Keep in mind if you’re in a warmer climate you may want to check out types like zoysia and St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the most popular grass for warmer climates.

If you want to make sure your grass comes in strong, consider buying the best tow behind drop spreader that will easily attach to your tractor or even an ATV.

How to choose which shady grass is best for your area?

Choosing the right grass for your lawn mainly depends on the climate and amount of sunshine they receive each day. Check with your local hardware or home improvement store and ask what they recommend for your particular climate and amount of sunshine. Also, remember to buy a mix, or blend of seed for shady areas if you can. This is ideal if one type fails then there are others to fill in it’s place. This isn’t the time to skimp so be sure to buy a few different varieties just in case one does better than another. Purchasing a variety of grass seed will ensure your yard is totally covered in thick, green growing grass in no time.